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W2 Systems Company Story
W2 Systems was started in 1986 by Donald L Howard. After working in the water and wastewater treatment field for over 20 years, he built up an expertise in the industry many say was second to none. After patenting several designs, growing multi-million dollar companies and being part of some of the water treatment industry’s largest mergers; Donald Howard decided it was time to start his own company. The company was based on the idea of cost-effective, simple systems that get the job done in an efficient and user-friendly way.

To this day, W2 Systems has continued to build systems that break the mold, simplistic design that lasts longer and works more efficiently while being paired with world class technical support. W2 Systems has continued to research, design, and manufacture turn-key treatment systems that are easy to operate and even easier to service.

Today, W2 Systems is a growing company. As the company prefects its designs and processes, W2 Systems is working to not only take on a larger market share, but also working towards expanding deeper into the water treatment industry.

W2 Systems is working towards offering the best designed, highest efficiency systems available today. Not only does W2 Systems design exceptional process waste treatment equipment, we also offer what few others can, expertise in design, service and technical support.

W2 Systems is a company built on passion; with uncompromising ethics, attention to quality and drive to succeed, expect great things.

Application Design: We make sure you get exactly what you need, not the closest standard
Strong Service: We specialize in service, making sure you get the best support available
Experience: We've been in business since 1987; we use that experience to source the best parts, design what you need and supply the best parts for your application
Technology: We're implementing new technology to make your operations smarter, faster and simplier
Stop worrying: About what your service technician is doing while he's changins your ion exchange bottles
Trust: Our goal is to keep you running as cheaply and effectively as possible
Have the Information: Have the details and the documentation at your fingertips
Always feel comfortable: That if there's an iddue, we'll catch and take care of it for you
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